Tin whistle wish list

Need to do some transposing … Link

Lord of the rings

  • Over the misty mountains cold – Tutorial – Link
  • The elven star – Tutorial – Link
  • Concerning Hobbits – Full Tutorial – Link
  • Pippins song – with notes – Link

Pirates of caribean


  • Can’t help falling in love – Tutorial – Link
  • The hanging tree
  • Legend of Zelda
    • Song of time / Song of storms –  Link


  • Harry Potter Medley – Tin Whistle Tutorial – Link – 1:34 lesson

  • Chronicles of Narnia – Tin Whistle Tutorial – Link


More testing setup

So trying to use more tooling to make life easier on the testing side … apparently babel holds all sorts of goodness whether you are hosting server or dealing with vanilla js.  As I understand it’s a plugin based code tooling process.  I think it makes life easier for tests as it moves through the code checks, not directly tests things itself.

The best walk thru I found so far – Link

Babel splash page – Link

Beginners walk thru – Link

I’m using the CLI tool more, but going to be hooking it up later to be called – Link