Ex’s in social media

Feels a bit like a creep to go look up the ex’s … it’s also tedious to try & avoid all mentions of someone who you were close to and working on combining your lives together.

Nonetheless, this author delves in to the thoughts and capabilities for keeping informed about the ex’s of your life … unleashing the competitive voyeur in the digital age …

Maureen O’Connor

All My Exes Live in Texts: Why the Social Media Generation Never Really Breaks Up

LOL! Save the world…



Rollerblade Boy

Dictionary Jones

LOL! Save the world…

The Truth

New load balancer for AWS Amazon!

This morning at a customer event in New York City, AWS CTO Werner Vogels announced a new load balancing tool, which gives developers much more fine-grained control over how content gets distributed across servers. The AWS Application Load Balancer, as it’s called, provides a way to direct specific content to go to a certain place instead of…

via New AWS load balancing tool puts developers in complete control — TechCrunch