Necklace completed

I have to get a tumblr account setup, so that I can host the pictures elsewhere!

Instead of just saying that, I signed up for one today.  Yay, for small victories…that’s one today.  Now, how to ensure that I don’t use it compulsively for a few weeks and let it languish.  Open to thoughts and suggestions.


I also got the wordpress app for the phone so I can upload pictures here too or link to media as needed via the tumblr.

So I used the light blue and clear stone settings from Tandys Leather here.  On a 2cm black oil die piece of strap.  My design called for a 14″ neck, with an extra 2″ on the ends for holes for sizing.  This was predicated on the fact that only the front half of the necklace will really be showing to most people.  Meaning about half of it (7″).

The above was good in theory.  What actually happened was that the total length was correct.  I did not however center the settings properly.  Two parts were implemented incorrectly, first the inch of forgiveness on either end.  My 14″ of leather was 16″ as I required, but when I placed the gem settings, they were too far to one side.  So, the second part that suffered due to bad centering is the fact that the necklace buckle will take another inch off the right side.  This means my centering of 5″ from the left end of the strap becomes 4″ instead.  The settings take 4″ of space also.  That means I now have 8″ of space the left of my “centered” settings!

Fortunately I do not have to redo this, as the necklace can be spun slightly to center the “center” piece on the fly.


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