A fairly focused day – with only little side trips

So, yesterday was unusual.

Having been up late, I was able to focus extremely well.

Posted are shots of things that caught my interest for a few minutes to up to 10 minutes a piece.  I had a text file of an assignment I was pouring over in between these random internet things I was doing.

I hand counted 58 subject changes or tangential subjects, with probably 10 of them returning to original line of pursuit.  Themes today were myth busting dirty media reports aka purposeful exaggerations, shotguns with silencers, programming practices, amazon sold wifi jammers, Afghanistan policy, whistle blowers, sex ed, vigilantes, malware, hacking sony, north korean hacking, more ferguson with shawn parcels, patrick ruthfass, celtic earrings, instore robots, highschool hackers of apple, pierce brosman, star wars, clowns haunting english towns, jason bateman’s garden, etc, etc…

Without further ado, my day when not grinding the assigned reading …


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