Ingress: My dream…

I don’t have real dreams, you know the kind where you are asleep and crazy stuff goes down.

Instead I do all my fun brainstorming while awake.  Enter the newest rendition of the matrix…INGRESS!

Ingress … The world around you is not what it seems …

Today, I dream of an elite Ingress task force … they would be linked via something like google chat with voice engaged.  Hopefully their phones would be unlocked and serve wirelessly a tablet or such that would allow them to view google maps or as needed.  Perhaps the tablet would also serve the scanner to save phone battery?  I have no idea if running the wireless hotspot blue tooth pairing to the tablet would consume more electricity than just running it all off the phone.  I just know it wouldn’t be as cool!!

Personal equipment


Aerial Coverage

  • Quadcopter camera ready ~$130:  Link 
  • Quadcopter w/camera, 40 minute flight time ~$70:  Link
  • Toy Quadcopter – $17:  Link


  • Dash Camera – $25:  Link

Cool extras [for science!]

  • Know you aren’t being lied too by agents of misinformation!  Polygraph lie detector mobile version with USB plug:  Link
  • Scan your portals for irregularities before hacking!  With mini spectrometer:  Link
  • Never lose the keys to your vehicle with the beeper system!  Link
  • Ensure no one bugged your vehicle to spy on you while you were away from it!  Link

Updated 1/14/2015 … user noticed for some weird reason, I did not include night vision.  Fixed this error, adding to personal gear.


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