Account Suspended or archived – without reason, nor explaination

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Object of My Dejection.” Talk about a great day gone bad…

I was working on leather lacing and thought that I should record some more for the blog to show people some of the tricks I learned in the past two days.  Queue the exciting movie montage music! So, I log in or attempt too … I hit create new post.  Which shows me a blank new post. I write a bunch, I get some links to the specific product of Tandy Leather I’m using.  I notice a block message at the top of the screen when I hit save. At this point I have 4 screen shots of what happened.  I can not even show you them.  As, I am not allowed to upload pictures anymore. Why? That is my line. Some how, some where, … I got shutdown for my leather blog. What I have for information …

  • I had three attendance occurrences
    • I got one visit since December 19th, 2014, 5 in total ever
    • I re-posted a blog asking how much his photos
    • I lost one follower
  • WordPress sent me what appears to be a standard message
    • A list of blogs allowed
    • Did you read our ToS … here’s a link
    • Please backup your website, FYI:  While we won’t say what you did, it was bad and other websites probably

Unfortunately there’s a few factors that prevent me from utilizing the terms of service (T.o.S.) and allowed style of blogs list given to figure out what went wrong…

  1. My access to a readable website with the alleged in faction has been removed.  I understand there’s an xml backup for posts made in public.  It does not help and I do not wish to risk getting a ban somewhere else.
  2. No where in the messages provided to me does it specifically state which post in the blog was the issue.
  3. No where in the messages provided to me does it specifically to the issue with whatever it was that I posted.

It would be nice to be playing with the whole puzzle  … if I can not see the blog & post in question, I can not fix the issue. Small annoyance in the system … everywhere I look there are buttons asking me to switch to premium account.  I keep wondering if that will get me answers.  I have to weigh this against the fact that they turned off a website without attempting to reach me.  No emails, no texts, no phone calls, no visits to my home to shake my hand and apologize for such heavy handed measures before they remove my site!

Heavy handed measures as defined by just making a single blog post private versus summarily taking the whole thing down from public view and locking me out from the photos, the links and other non-body repository options that might be on my blog.

Before today I would have happily wrote the cost of WordPress services in to my bills.  I would have loved to pay for what was previously a great setup, easy tools, phone app at no additional cost. I hate having the $’s shoved under my nose every time I send an error message or help ticket that I would not have needed to, if only the business hosting these servers had send me a message with what was wrong instead of creating this situation.

Yes, this is whole thing free … I am entitled to nothing. Appreciated. Guess what else is also appreciated?  The courtesy of prior warning. I am not ungrateful, I paid nothing and have had a lot of fun writing.

This whole experience has been very enlightening.


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