Dance: Tango Viewing … Loring Pasta Bar

So, I’ve danced a bit – by a bit I mean in fits and starts and stops.

I learned salsa by imitation with the basic steps from a gal whom was part Japanese.  Who learned from someone at some bar once.  I had seen swing dancing movies and wanted to dance, I almost didn’t care what type of dance I would do!  The salsa was very much like swing.  Even the 4 beat, 4 off counting was the same.

Now, after a while of dancing only every other month … I got two tango lessons this year!  Fun Fun!  I’m not trained enough to hop out on the dance floor.  Especially if the internet is right…because according to the internet, when you ask someone to dance, you are both compelled to stay out for three songs … of 5 – 9 minutes a piece!  Holy smokes… talk about commitment, a new dancer, with a strange partner & upto 27 minutes.  That is no joke.

Be brave good sir, be brave.

I’m more than willing to put myself out there…I’m not willing to make most of the available dance partners in the tiny social circle that is the Twin Cities tango unwilling to go out to dance with me on the floor.

So I’m reading and watching…


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