Formal suicide program research

Reading more now on helping people who are suicidal…

Looking to make sure the things that I try to do to help people are informed and caring.  Trying to find the training that people use for the suicide prevention lines or get myself certified.  I keep instantly, without warning tearing up.  So, I know underneath the every day comic and goofiness…there is some pain still.  Trying to keep it all honest.  I don’t normally operate in a blind mode.  While I’m exploratory, I tend to walk myself through things in a conscious manner.  This one might be a blind mode though … guilt for Stokes pushing me forward to make this saving people real.  I’m not so attached that I would discount his choice to live or die as he chooses, but I’m so, so sad that he did not want to live.

God help me now … I’ve been there after bad break ups or friends dying and wondering what there is in life.  Wondering how connected to other people and how to stave off the loneliness, especially when I become decrepit and less able to do everything.  Not being able to type 120 words per minute … ugh.  Not being able to play games based on not being able to see or hold a mouse without shaking or pain – that’s pretty scary.  Not having people to love and cherish … terrifying.   End the A.D.H.D. moment …

I’ve read on the Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama.  It was one of the first places I saw suffering as the universal human connector.  I had previous read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Both incredible books.  I also saw the same theme in Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.  These are not scientifically normative.

I’ve checked someone’s lead from the battery women’s shelter I used to volunteer…

Then I found this one on the internet…


Update:  Found a new one…online only & volunteer program out of Austriala “”… Link …my main concern is it requires HEART training for $250 before the interview, not after…so looks like a scam.


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