Is religion violent?

…of course it is…

…because, well, people are violent & there are people in religions!

…because, controlling someone is certainly a violent proposition.  Just because, “it’s always been this way”, does not make an ideological indoctrination of children any less violent.  Despite what you may believe, there is no such thing as tabula rasta … there is always the part of the small child that once they are aware other people are not toys, that hurting others is wrong.

This of course all distinguishes between spirituality & religion.  The first is fine and great.  I am not knocking anyone.  The second is a much murkier subject.  Not that religion has not done good & charitable work, created beautiful art, taught the basics of education to the entire world so that scientific method could actually be formalized.  It is though, inherently and exercise in politics and control – which are violence, even if not done physically.

Now, I know just as many scientists who are just as violent as the folks in religion.  Their rallying cry’s are different.  In the end though, they are all just people and people are inherently violent.  Even after they get to an age where they understand what they do hurts other people.



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