Negative advocacy … what no one cares enough to tell them …

Otherwise known as as why America can’t take most left/right wingers seriously …

If you read this and are offended, it is because you, probably in an oblivious state, yet obviously to everyone else around you – need to take these ideas to heart.  

Just to be clear … if you do not understand the “no politics at the dinner table” rule, you are the troll people try to avoid talking about your chosen cause / advocacy.

  1. Believe in adversarial roles.
    • Zero – Sum Games – Even with limited resources, you don’t have to take something from other people for everyone to win in a situation.
    • You are either with us or against us attitude
    • History has shown that the most effective messages are ones that invite or encourage people to work together with you to accomplish things.  Adversarial thinking is decisive, which limits how many people are available to help your cause.
  2. Lack of integrity
    • The “cause” justifies anything I say or do … even if my techniques are the same as what I’m fighting against.
    • Depersonalizing their opponents, which leads to justifying the personal attacks and accomplishes nothing.
    • “Argumentum ad hominem” – attacks to undermine the person, rather than the argument being presented.  Which is huge!  Social advocates are supposedly saying a person’s status in the country should not effect the treatment they get, but by attacking the person they advocate against, they are infact saying the status of a person is more important than the logic of the debate being presented.  This is silencing and hate speech type tactics.
    • Flaming & Baiting – With the purpose to get a rise or trade insults, so you can then go and act hurt by the response.
    • Indirect or direct belittlement …back handed insults.
  3. Close minded
    • The idea that your cause is more important than all others.  First world issues is a trope for a reason.
    • The assumption that anything except for a person cheering you on, means that they are against you.
    • Stereo-typing / Label using behavior – people with causes use shorthand terms and labels to describe their opponents.  Which in social cause situations, is the exact thing that these people are supposedly advocating against.
    • Unwilling to compromise.
    • Refusal to listen to what people are saying.
    • Refusal to acknowledge other points.
  4. Greedy
    • Unsympathetic to other groups and causes…only their current cause matters.
    • People whom advocate in a negative manner described above as justification to insult, belittle or demean others while still trying to claim the moral superiority.  They are just out to take out their angst on anyone outside their movement and helping the cause is a happy side effect.  The close minded behavior is a key indicator of these types.
  5. Bad attitude / “holier than thou”
    • Are you better than most “snuff-a-luff-a-gus”, because you “snoo-snoo”?  Well, what you really are is guilty of making people dislike you & by association your cause that you claim you want to help.
    • Most of these types have not even heard what a person has to say, but assume since they started screaming or posting first, they are the only advocate and this makes them better than the others.
    • I take time to scrub the most glaring insults I spot from my writing.  If you want to act better than me or be treated as an equal you had best act like it the entire time.

It boils down rather simply.

  • People do not want to be pressured.
  • People do not want to be preached too.
  • People do not want to be labelled.
  • People do not want to be insulted.

Those are all forms of violence, even preaching as it means you have to silence someone before you can distill your message to them.  All of the above will alienate people from the cause being advocated.

This is true, even if they previously supported and agreed with a majority of what was being discussed for the cause.

These sort of techniques, whether intended to or not, cause observers of such behaviors to distance themselves from such causes and that type of reprehensible behavior.  Which in turn makes a majority of the people unwilling to participate in aiding the cause.  No one wants to be associated with the trash & when the advocates of various groups take such measures, they are a small step from evil.  In fact, it is the behaviors of a group, in addition to their stated goal that influence how such groups are categorized by outside observers.  Further, they make it harder for reasonable and likable advocates to convince people to effect real change.

If you do decide to advocate for a cause, after you have decided it’s a good cause & worthy of your time … please try not to hurt that cause far more than you help it!

There are feminists, anti-racists, gay equality people out there who want to change the world … not just get their own emotional high.  If you need there, are groups to help:

Note:  I’m not trained to do media online, nor do I claim to be a professional … so here are some places that might generate ideas for you to get help in spreading your message:


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