New Badges Reduce Importance of Guardian Badge

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I originally dropped this in his comments page, but realized it could be better mentioned with a re-blog.


The author is so right about the value of guardians! Before this change, people would lose their minds over guardian portals…travelling far away for the sole purpose of a good portal. The ingress map gives away so much important data, yet the scanner does not give away enough when outside of major metropolitan areas. I know this is a programming optimization to save data when people are driving around, still sad & lets people hunt guardians…which I don’t care about one way or the other. The badges are an interesting way to change the behavior of the players though…one might even forward the idea that it is real-life mind control 🙂

I have always seen level 15 as superfluous. About the only consistent thing anyone lists is the larger recharge pool & distance. I know it will not always be the case, as sometime in the next year they will need to push the game along and give concrete bonus’s to keep their dedicated pool interested.

On to the main point, to help people level badges…community/social angles. We have 10+ level 15’s in on my fraction in the local area, are you connected to anyone in the community? We use in our area – supposedly the community is super paranoid about spies ruining their farms & events or we’d just use google hang outs (which many people do anyways). Getting people in your area could help convince the wife to see it as a social opportunity? Geek in question plays ingress and the other partner has a social night with the other orphaned spouse. Otherwise, socially you can hook them on the game…they realizes it’s you and them, trapped in the car or going on walks more frequently where they have your almost undivided attention (rules like no texts help) to play more?

One really important legal distinction, in many states it is not legal to ingress (text or use any internet application) in the vehicle unless it is fully parked and out of traffic. In many states, distracted driving laws apply even while stopped – for Minnesota Law, you need to be out of the flow of traffic. Example, stoplights or stop signs, still in the the way, thus illegal. Parking spots, a-okay!

I mention this as there’s a crack down in Minnesota’s metropolitan areas for all distracted driving & in some area’s specifically against ingress players who are now spreading in to neighborhoods where they do not commonly going. The extra traffic is exciting the local population, as it is being allegedly tied to break ins in one neighborhood. We had a good three day run on people discussing laws, police and meeting with city officials to find out what can be done, but obeying the law and being polite, helpful and courteous to the police is the most important part here!

Also, on a shameless plug, I put out my Christmas list of accessories for ingress on my blog last month! Stop by and mention any equipment you like/use or suggest new things!

My Ingress Manual

Once upon a time, just a few months ago, the fastest way to higher levels, some would say the only practical way to high levels, was to get Platinum Recharger, and Platinum Guardian badges.

You see, getting Gold level badges isn’t easy. I myself had to spend a fair amount of time chasing down unique portals, and then wait while I hacked and linked everything to finally collect the four gold badges necessary for Level 11, long after I had enough AP for Level 13. However, those badges are definitely doable for anyone playing the game seriously. More importantly, one could actually focus and move forward on getting those badges within a reasonable time frame.

Platinum Badges Ingress

But, once you start talking about Platinum Badges, the requirements start getting very, very big indeed. The kind of big that could take months, or even years, even with the…

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