Jessica Chambers …

Update list at bottom …

When I first heard about this, I cringed.

See here …

Then I cringed again when I found out anonymous was going to help.  I mean what can throwing up extra information that can’t be proven lead too?

Then I went … what the hell?  The more you read here, the worse it gets.  Another reporter in the local area pointed the police to the gas station and the CCTV video – which are stories in their own right.

Let’s get emotional together first, this isn’t proven or anything, but someone met her 6 weeks before the murder and what she said was horrible to read with our knowledge today or her having been allegedly fed gasoline and burned to death.  Link here …

Note, this first link is mostly based on information available to reporters 12/13/2014.  I haven’t been able to make calls or verify this any other way.  One of the blogs in here is pretty far flung too.  The ones following take to speculating using social media to chain together their basis:

  • Main stream media’s short & sanitized take on the initial report – before people were caught lying to the police … Link
  • Some alleged cover up … Link
  • Decent break down assembled by another blogger from several sources … Link
  • Mom’s interview.  Note mom notes several times female gang members were know to be whispering Jessica was snitching on the gang … Link
  • USA Today, note this is not the raw footage, but the clips / cuts the owner of the gas station “allowed” the police to see without warrent … Link
  • Random weirdness about & from supposed witness to party … Link


A Mississippi girl breaks up with gang member.  One day, she goes to clean her car out at gas station of man deeply involved or owned by local gang involved with a national gang.

Police allegedly messed up up details three times:  First a reporter constructed the time line, then told the police what he found, as the police did not think to question the gas station where mom said she had called from.  Second, they questioned the owner poorly.  Third, the police did not get the actual footage from CCTV…which gave them a bad time stamp on the video due to common play back issues.

Lastly, the vehicle of the girl is clearly rammed.  Yet, the key was in the ignite in an off position and the safety break set to keep the car stationary afterwards.  The girl was set on fire.  The gas station owner posted pictures on facebook.  Then the owner of the gas station stated someone poured gas down her throat and light her on fire.  Note:  This is the guy when asked by the police “forgot” to mention to the police he saw her at all that day…yet 3 days before being questioned and within hours of her death, he was posting facebook photos of it.

Lastly, a neighbor woman who frequents this gas station claims she saw Jessica at a party – but no one can say who else attended the party or where it was located and the police do not seem to mind.  This woman is shown talking at the gas station.  A few days later police bring her in for questions.  She is released, but arrested two days later and the mug shot shows her beat to snot.  Police records allegedly indicate a peaceful pick up.


  • Added the author meeting to list, as pertains to rumors of snitching on gang rumor
  • August – Father claims that the investigation is nearing the final conclusion.  Link

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