Sometimes being “better” is not better at all…

When I was young, I would go on and on, blithely missing when someone wasn’t paying attention to me.

Years later, more socially adjusted and “actively polling people” I communicate, with instead of “talking at them” I suffer this weird effect.  It kind of hurts to be ignored.  I know there are ways to trick people to listen and details you can drop that won’t change the story, but at the root level … it does not feel good to be aware of such things.

The narrative details which I have gotten used speaking in allow people to follow the trail of details with out the need to repeat & eliminate misunderstandings.  They do tend to drive people to boredom, yet you get confused looks when you do not include them.  It barely works for me to summarize points on the fly, its like twisting my brain through too many gymnastics and people always miss something or a frame of reference adding the context needed.

It comes down to the choice of being the oddball guy or the one who tells long stories.  The being ignored sucks, but it is kind of sort of better than being the oddball.

I’m told it’s pretty common to summarize by default and people will naturally question if they have time or care.

Update:  Pointed out to me, that I could just find more people who like chatting about the topics I like too 🙂


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