Saving a monument to an Ancient Society (Cahokian)

Update:  Fictional person “Stella” backed by niantic has declared the mound’s goal reached … “Link

Mary D Leonard of St. Louis Public radio writes on twitter of an effort to save the Cahokia Mounds historical site on GoFundme.comLink.

The Cahokian’s are one of the pre-western colonization or pre-Columbian Native American societies in Illinois, U.S.

The project on twitter has netted us about ~570 tweets thus far & ~530 followers.  It looks like thus far the major of followers closely match Mary’s ~300 followers.  The goal is $7,500 dollars and they are within 400 dollars of the stated goal as of writing on 2/25/2015

Several years ago, I read about the Mounds in question on a article … Link.  They are supposedly bigger than any pyramid in terms of weight.  Google-ing says the Egyptian pyramids numbers ~80.  Reading some in the Cahokian Mounds article says there are at least 80, likely more…I guess we might have paved over some of them?  National Geographic believes so … Link.  According to National Geographic, the Mound city was a size rival to Washing D.C. itself when in 1830 president Andrew Jackson‘s Indian Removal Act instructed the military to evict the population.

To this day, the exhibit is highly rated … 4.5 stars … just like Washington D. C. exhibits such as the smithsonian’s air and space muesuem Link & Link.

Having recently read about Endgame, I’m passingly familiar with the name Cahokia & saw some of the attention received for the fundraiser was from a link off the wika … Link … which hosts wiki style subdomains ( for socializing on game.

Always good to see people using the internet to make the world better!

Update:  More reading linked to me that I haven’t had time to distill …


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