Exercise Tracking…

I’ve participated in app’s for the phone that track exercises … even in a virtual bike race across the country on an exercise bike.

Apple is starting a self-reporting app to assist it’s new fitness watch ideas … http://readwrite.com/2015/03/09/apple-researchkit-healthkit.

I read about the programs here … https://everymove.org/blog/8-fitness-apps-that-use-your-friends.

I eventually played on here … [Link], with a team my friend signed me up for … that was two years ago.  I’m trying to recover my password now!  

I play ingress pretty regularly in short bursts or an hour a shot in my friend’s neighborhood when walking with her … [Link]  A fun game, but no caloric counter or gyro use to count steps.

This one seems awesome as a cutsey way to get movie … [Link] … from Naomi’s own mouth … [Link] … she is an established novelist before doing this game project.

I believe at one point I tried teemo too … they used missions and gave accomplishments.

The first one I ever downloaded though, gave me iTunes cards for exercising in various forms for about a month and a half.  Just $20 at the time and I heard later they went down to $9 & then $5 eventually.  I can’t even recall the name, except that it was free, I got daily exercise login bonuses for each type of exercises and there was a ladder I could see the top people of each category in if I wanted.  The thing sucked down battery life like no tomorrow and I notified me, my friends when I accidentally let it until I eventually uninstalled it 4 months later skipping the last payout – as I could no longer take it.


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