It’s not just climate-change deniers—conservatives and liberals distrust science equally

Science has taken on an aspect of religion – the doctrine & the inability to deal with those who question the answers given.  People can’t believe the world doesn’t stop spinning and then spin the direction their latest study says it should spin.

Science has only science to blame for this … every time someone stands up and excitedly presents the finding of their study – based on causation/correlation type situations of statistics.  It becomes one more blurb and years later when someone Google’s for device to teleport around the earth – there is still none to be bought. Mostly, because the data set generated was carefully molded to such a specific set of things that it could be decades before we have the formula refined enough to work for all materials, distances, etc.

The people I know having these debates, are inevitably the types of people that are offended that they are not believed or that they know someone thinks they could be wrong. The “priests of science” we call them…as the dogma is being questioned…how dare someone question science!  The gods of science will not let this stand!  They dictate that any collection of words with the word experiment in it must be accepted as universal truth!

Let’s face it, we barely know the type of climates on the planets in our solar system and didn’t even know that less than 5 years ago! To claim we know for certain what other planets have for atmosphere’s is ridiculous.

Let’s be clear here, there are bad apples in every group in the world.  My issue is with those who can accept or acknowledge that anything is possible, due to the fallacy built in to human perception at the very least.  Science can point out the polar caps have melted 35%, but we need far more data before we can say for certain human kind is going to make earth turn out as barren as mars.  I believe we’re not helping, no doubt – just it’s hubris to say we know for a fact that the leading cause is x or y.

The article in part is basically a rehash of the narrow-minded theory about climate change due to GMO’s as Bill Nye’s reversal has sparked …

In the words of a great man … [Link] …

(two ants talking to each other in the kitchen)

We’ve searched dozens of these floor tiles for several common types of pheromone trails.

If there were intelligent life up there, we would have seen its messages by now.

(caption:  The world’s first ant colony to achieve sentience calls off the search for us.)


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