The mysterious internet mishap that sent data for the UK’s nuclear program to Ukraine

Woah… mighty big feather in the cap of whoever did that one … scary implications.

It’s been getting more common … [Link] … several incidents listed by computer world … [here].

Make no mistake though….no one just types the wrong number into a router anymore. As someone who worked at an ISP/Telcom, I can tell you while commandline interfaces are still used, the graphical representation and virtual environments act as confirmation or checksum’s against doing so … in addition, the routing the of the internet is actually ran by computers in the routers that work off the data given to them by the configuring persons and then compared to what is actually known or learned by the routers themselves to establish “true routes”. My company was only worth ~$100 million & got bought by a power company after 10 years, the bigger companies would have access to even broader range of tools and training to use them.


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