Who are you? … and why are you a senator?

This piece is editorial ... thus is opinion & some questions

So I see this clip while browsing last night & then see a link to it this morning.  I’m going to remain vague here … the picture seeing his carefully crafted “casual pose” and that weird smile.  Does this not remind you of something sinister, like a well practiced movie villain?  Maybe it’s just the shit-eating look on his face like he’s so much better than the guy interviewing him & this “Seth Meyers person” should be thankful that Ted Cruz even showed up to the interview… (idk, fml Ted Cruz is in control of NASA’s budget).  I wonder if Ted Cruz also believes ALL of his hair is still naturally black…because that’s the worst die job I’ve seen in an interview for at least 10 years now…granted I don’t watch many, but you would think the truth would be important to a guy who has veto power on the NASA budget.

The interview, as follows … [Link] … he does not buy climate change … ok, whatever.

Now, more importantly, read this … [Link] … he is trying to remove funding to any satellites that provide irreplaceable forms of data on Earth and help anyone who is alive.  Coincidentally, the satellites and funding he seeks to remove are the strongest evidence of climate change that exist.

Now, please remember, Mr. Ted “No one will notice my horrible die job” Cruz … “Science” is not a religion, some people in it and some out side of the science field treat it like one … but it is not centrally controlled.  There is no Vatican for the “Science”.  It’s a disparate group of people who are paid to do certain things by businesses that need to make money & a few of them happen to be paid by governments who are politically controlled.  We as people with brains and the ability to think resent that you claim, “Science” disproves or proves anything.  Saying, “some scientists in the field of climatology believe…” would be fine.  Your use of the word proves you have no idea what you are saying,

Your particular group of scientists of church “Science” must have ignored the almost, i-don’t-know, the ENTIRE PLANET in order to come up with a set of “Science” in order to make you happy.  This then confirms the fact that New Hampshire – which is ~1.5% of the Earth is cold – then the entire rest of the world called earth must be the same.  Forget the other 58.989 million square miles of Earth.

Maybe he’s got a really low IQ?

I can’t believe someone who got put in power over NASA is ignorant or so stupid that they believe the things coming out of their own mouth.  Not even Ted Cruz could be so stupid, still make it in to the US Senate & believe the things that he, Ted Cruz said?  Maybe Ted does not believe that New Hampshire is part of Earth?  I do not buy it, he must of been to Texas once … surely he realizes that New Hampshire & Texas are connected by this thing we call planet Earth?

Maybe he’s possessed by the spirit of an Roman senator?

Maybe it’s hubris … i-don’t-know … he could be the divine embodiment of Mars, who like Julius Caesar painted his face in the blood of the human he just sacrificed?  so he believes his thinking would have to be close to, “I, Ted Cruz, declared there is no global warming, because I’m cold today, this morning in New Hampshire.  Someone get me a blanket, I am going to sit on my rocker and have a senior moment.”

Maybe he’s actually an ancient Roman senator?

Along this theory of Roman senator, some of them believed they were the divine embodiment’s of various gods…maybe Ted believes his purpose in life was to get positioned in the government in order to starve NASA or discredit them, removing any competition from what he believes is the religion of “Science” and thus eliminate all the natterings of “prove it Ted” or “Ted evidence does not support what you say” … which could open up the world to exploitation based on ignorance. Maybe then, if we were all as ignorant as Ted likes, he could be president?

Maybe he is narcissistic?

What if the good old boy Ted just does not care about the rest of the world?  I am not sure what he is doing in New Hampshire, talking about New Hampshire … last time I checked (today), he was a Texan Senator or possibly a roman senator based on his behavior – but he certainly is not supposed to be representing New Hampshire.  Texas has a small group that ran an article on the charts with a break down … [Link]. & Time.com posted that 2013 was one of the warmest years on record for Texas … [Link].  That’s 30 seconds of investigation.

What does it all mean?

I-don’t-know was thought so much while trying to explain the behaviors of this guy, that during the typing of this, that my spell check suggested I add it to the dictionary – after the 38th time, I considered it.  I really do not know what it means.  What I do know, is more money should go into NASA, and less into building ridiculously obsolete and poor preforming air planes to kill people with, which aren’t even fully designed or built in the US  … [Link]


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