The math of Ferguson: percentages don’t show how bad it really is

We know there’s preferential treatment, but we don’t know to what degree.

Interesting take on the stastics, who point out census data misleads us in children & too old to drive or disabled.

One poster comments of course the stats will not line up – as they are being targeted in areas where the people don’t have the lawyers.

Another person aptly points out, look at the crime stats for murder by the same Dept. of Justice for the US. Those are more carefully reported and not likely to be shake downs.

I believe though, that the conviction rate on murder is still flawed though, as the same case of not having the cash to fund a good defense. I do believe though, those stats might provide a better look at racial biased – not a perfect one though!

Being A Better Scientist

The other day, I was talking to my colleague Dr Scott Roy. We were working on the second midterm exam for our genetics class at SF State, but got distracted. We started talking about the DOJ report on Ferguson and especially the numbers in the report about racial bias. These are some of the numbers we talked about:

  • 67% of the population in Ferguson is black.
  • Blacks account for 85% of vehicle stops.
  • Blacks account for 90% of citations.
  • Blacks account for 93% of arrests.
  • Blacks account for 95% of “Manner of Walking in Roadway” charges.
  • Blacks account for 94% of all “Failure to Comply” charges.
  • Nearly 90% of documented force used by FPD officers was used against African Americans.
  • Blacks account for 100% of dog bites.
  • Blacks account for 96% of cases where someone was arrested by FPD only because of an outstanding municipal warrant.

So, from reading…

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