Bad science…

There’s always some crazy swedish project going off the newsfeeds … today Sexual offenders by genes:  it’s

I call bad science.

Right off the bat, 15 pages in and nothing to check for non-reported offenders to include as controls or non-reported offenders in the family lineage.  It gets worse though, how in the world can they claim that they separated the environmental effects?  Every kid is going to know if they got moved out of the home & eventually will find out – if they didn’t right away – that their parent in question was sexually deviant.  That is going to set the precedent, damage done, experiment invalidated.  I don’t care how hard they farmed the numbers or if they were as good at manipulating the numbers as a politician.  Correlation is not Causation – when will people learn that?

This junk science pisses me off.  Especially so when they are discrediting such an important body of knowledge that gets enough bad press already.  I can’t stress how much damage this does for years and years.  Let’s not even get in to the inherit

Update – interchanged two words – two very important words…dyslexia 😦


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