GitHub Continues To Face Evolving DDoS Attack

This is very interesting … when you read it – realize China has the ability to go “black” as in prevent anything and everything they hate or simply shut off the internet if they think there is an issue.

So, either the Chinese government’s “Great [fire]Wall” was hacked or the Chinese government took part in the attack on these companies in the US.


Online code repository GitHub continues to face a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on Monday, which the company reported is the largest attack in’s history. The attack began on Thursday and still continues, according to GitHub’s status page and Twitter accounts, though the company says now that all its systems are reporting at 100%. However, the attackers continue to evolve their methodology as the barrage continues, requiring GitHub to remain on “high alert,” it says.

In a blog post from last week, GitHub said there were a number of vectors being used in this attack, including some new and sophisticated techniques that involved using the web browsers of unsuspecting users to flood the GitHub site with traffic. This traffic flood led to reduced availability of GitHub’s systems, as you can tell by the historical graphs on GitHub’s status page, which shows spikes of activity over the past several days.

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