Another layer … yet it creates simplicity …

…so we’re puttering around the internet, slapping together code for css, servering it on django/ruby on rails/cake/symfony2/asp, backing it up on github, dumping our data in mysql/nosql/mssql…

We’re mobile, our laptops are our weapons … we have the free services for making new “drones” or workstations.

I’m adverse to diving in to new time investments, but one called markdown was forced on me.  It turns out I can get behind it – but even if I couldn’t, there’s translaters or parsers:

I spent a half a day, writing in standard web to preview my css on:

Then realized I could write markdown & convert to html later!

Doh for wasted time….probably 10 or 15 minutes a shot as I’d be making changes to adopt different strategies in the tags which the CSS would act upon.


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