Feminism doesn’t need more inspiration—it needs more anger

Most of this is a really great article, there’s one part though, that saddens me – as it sets back the movement for equality. The part about:

She wanted to know why her campaign to stop rape by shaming rapists has found such little support. Yet her question, angry at the state of things (“enough is enough!” she declared), begged for a deeper answer.

The answer she is looking for is something that was brought to her & she ignored, as she doesn’t like the ugly truth. The answer is the same reason why the Black Panthers are a footnote & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a symbol to the entire world. Simply put, there’s a different between positively using your anger, versus negative attack methods which cause arguments. Exclusionary versus inclusive… the “attack pieces” do not increase your membership, because they go against the exact thing the movement wants for equal rights. Attack pieces via vilification produce conflict, not change…the focus in a majority seems to be on the writer getting back a little piece of emotional satisfaction at the cost of someone else … and people see this behavior – they treat it the same way they treat kids, they ignore everything from the two squabbling kids till the noise goes away.


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