New Editor from Microsoft!


While I’m not a fan of Microsoft, they have actually impressed me with the technology support today.  They will include GIT in addition to the standard repository supports!  See the break down at Ars:

Microsoft today announced a free editor for developers called Visual Studio Code, which is nowavailable for download. Visual Studio Code is a code optimized editor for Windows, OS X, and Linux, with support for IntelliSense (an intelligent code completion system), debugging, and GIT.

A release candidate for Visual Studio 2015, which came out in a preview last November, is also coming out today, according to VentureBeat. (The release candidate download will be available at 2 p.m. Eastern today at this link, Microsoft told us.)

Visual Studio 2015 is still the full integrated development environment, while Visual Studio Code is just an editor. To prove that Microsoft still loves Linux, the company demonstrated a Mono application being edited in Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu today.

For all the latest on Microsoft’s announcements at the Build conference, check out our liveblog.


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