Obama & Hillary … one common trait…

…they will do anything to lie to us…

From … http://reason.com/archives/2015/04/30/when-open-government-slams-shu

On Obama:

In hindsight, Obama’s oft-repeated vow to run the “most transparent administration ever” has become a punchline even among his own supporters. On March 17, the White House quietly deleted the part of the federal register requiring the White House Office of Administration to be subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. On March 18, the Associated Press reported Obama set a new record for the number of FOIA requests denied—over 55 percent were refused in 2014. The administration also set a record for improperly denied FOIA requests, with one out of every three denials that was appealed last year eventually getting overturned. And the White House is dragging its feet egregiously when it comes to making information public. Six years ago, over half of all speedy processing requests for FOIA claims were granted. Last year, the government granted just one in eight requests to expedite the information being sought.

On Hillary:

On March 2, The New York Times revealed that Democratic Party presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton had used a private email account to conduct official business for her entire four-year tenure as secretary of state. Clinton emailed President Barack Obama on an insecure server hosted in her own home. She destroyed many of her own messages, as she admitted after the Times article; the State Department had to conduct negotiations with her lawyers to get their hands on what remained of her official records. One can safely conclude that Hillary Clinton was more concerned about shielding her correspondence from scrutiny by American taxpayers than by foreign intelligence services.

Le’ Sigh…try to recall Hillary and Bill when leaving the White House, tried to violate constitutional law by stealing gifts given to them by other nations from the White House.  The secret service had to have someone tell them to stop the Clinton’s from looting the White House … how can you trust someone like that?  They might have been the poorest presidential couple to that date – but really?  Then we find out that Hillary decided to flaunt national security just so she could hide her emails from everyone?  Yes, please install that monster into office … Romney is only slightly more scary, but thus far he’s slightly more honest too.


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