Deliberate Programming Practice

For later … I’ve done some railsCast “screencasts”, they are great stuff 🙂

Ruby/Rails Programming

Malcolm Gladwell famously proclaimed that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to achieve mastery in a craft and Peter Norvig cited this finding in his article Teach Yourself Programming In Ten Years.  A programmer will get in 10,000 hours of office time after 5.2 years of working 8-hours per day and 48-weeks per year.  This does not mean that programmers will be an expert after 5 or 6 years because the 10,000 hours of office time is not all deliberate practice.

Deliberate practice is reading a book, learning a new language, taking a Udacity course, or solving a challenging problem that stretches your brain.  Googling for 3 hours on how to manipulate the DSL of a Ruby Gem does not count towards your 10,000 hours.  Some deliberate practice happens at work, but the majority takes place late at night and on the weekend.

If 40% of a job…

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