Furthering of the virtual servers … auto-deploy!

One extremely interesting piece popped up for me in researching today …

The use of virtual test servers leads in to new possibilities.  If you go through the time to create a virtual server install script for setting up testing of your builds – you can apply nearly the same process to the real servers for systematically deploying your live server builds in just one command and automatically check the deployment finished properly in the same command.

I’m sure this is nothing new to people in the field – but it’s new motivation for me to learn virtual environments again.  As 2 years back I walked through Ruby on Rails with an awesome guy over at “www.rails.mn/installation/” … Virtual Machine+Vagrant+SSH walk through, which was good, but a bit intense for my first web development in 12 years.  If you check out their page, they also have an online programming environment that Derek recommended:  [Nitrous]


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