Dancing … for me

Doing some tango … after a few weeks of watching at the local club (milanga), I took a lesson.

12 weeks – $60 – so here’s my notes:

  • Basic – week #1
    1. Weight starts on left foot
    2. Right foot back
    3. Left foot clicks against right & immediately goes to the left
    4. Right foot crosses in front of left (starting a diagonal walk if we wanted)
    5. Left foot comes around right & forward
    6. Right foot forward slowly
    7. Left foot forward slowly
    8. Slight pause & left foot forward
    9. Right foot clicks left & moves immediately to right
    10. Weight changes back to left
    11. Repeat basic till song ends
  • Crosses (Diagonals) – week #2
    • These are where you cross one in front or behind the other
    • When calling it a front or back, we are referring to the follower – the leader is actually doing the opposite – to keep the body’s chest setup like parallelogram to the followers.
    • Open steps are when the body is wide in it’s footwork and you could lean in to hug the other person.
    • The open steps make good transitions from crosses & direction changes.

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