3, no 13 Web IDE’s (cloud)

Update:  http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/cloud-ide-developers/

  • cloudIDE / Codenvy is for developing andriod applications with python, json etc … supports github – free accounts with 20gig storage
  • Cloud9 supports full box/stack dev for 9+ languages, but free limits to 500mb ram & 1 gig storage … $9 gigs 10gig storage which is less than alot of others for free.
  • ShiftEdit has tons of support, but about average to minimal documentation – which really isn’t an issue if you’ve used a web IDE before.  $6/month
  • Compilr – promising learn to program IDE from lynda.com for people not on treehouse/codeacademy/learnanywhere.

I’m pursuing this guys blog now … as I’m using nitrous.io


The Bottom Line

The most surprising thing I learned from a week of using three different online IDEs? How similar they are. When it comes to the basics of coding, they’re all equally helpful.

Cloud9, Koding, and Nitrous.IO all support every major open source language, from Ruby to Python to PHP to HTML5. You can choose from any of those VMs.

Both Cloud9 and Nitrous.IO have built-in one-click GitHub integration. For Koding there are a couple more steps, but it can be done.

Each integrated easily with the APIs I needed. Each let me install my preferred package installers, too (and Koding made me do it as a superuser). They all have a built in Terminal for easily testing and deploying projects. All three allow you to easily preview your project. And of course, they all hosted my project in the cloud so I could work on it anywhere.

On the downside, they all had the same negatives, which is reasonable when you consider they’re free. You can only run one VM at a time to test a program written in a particular language. When you’re not using your VM for a while, the IDE preserves bandwidth by putting it into hibernation and you have to wait for it to reload next time you use it (and Cloud9 was especially laborious). None of them make a good permanent host for your finished projects.

So to answer those who ask me if there’s a perfect free IDE out there, probably not. But depending on your priorities, there might be one that’s perfect for your project.


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