Jessica Chambers #4 – June 2015

From the Clarion Ledger … some quotes about the investigation … they say for the people involved – while having to remain silent the time has passed very quickly.  This is one of the tests of US justice … can we track & bring to justice people in a highly mobile country?

Jessica Chambers was burned alive on December 6, 2014,

“This is not a cold case. It’s just a matter now of developing a suspect,” he said. “We’re slowly but surely filling in the gaps.”

“I think we’ve got all the pieces – from the technological and evidentiary standpoint, we’ve got everything there that once we identify a suspect all these pieces will make sense to us,” Champion said. “It’s just going to be a matter of finding that one piece.”

Champion estimates that investigators have talked to at least 130 people about the case. While there are leads, he said, the part that matters is being able to prove that someone actually committed the crime before pressing charges.

The investigation has taken them out of the county and even out of the state. Some investigators have traveled thousands of miles to try to put the pieces of what happened on Herron Road together.


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