Ingress as Lego sets!

While browsing, I found ingress art group …


Which lead me too …

Lego Ingress Idea … [Link]

Which lead me too …

Lego Ingress Project… [Link]

…with sweet mock ups or 3D printer work done on it!

You need to make a LegoID to support it.  I signed up via my facebook authentication for giggles.  There’s tons of options.  It needs 10,000 shares to get an official run.

I’m just counting days till someone draws up plans to a 3D printer version!

When digging I found this gem too!!

Lego & 3-D printing plans … [Link]

There’s a guy making lego’s for soap dishes … why?  Because the lego design idea prints in a 3rd of the time due to simplicity for optimizing the machine’s time – aka the more complicated the project – the more computer power and algorithm computation needed to control the 3-D printers – which in terms of programming, most 3D printer software for under $1,000 is WAY behind modern programming.  I wonder if the copyright police will get the maker or they changed the spec’s to avoid it … [Link]

Lego is also already taking out patents on 3-D printing for enhancing or customizing the experience … [Link]

Some interesting Ingress 3-D plans:   [Link]


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