Working smarter – brain tricks and goals

Some of this is about expectation setting in order to remove pressure.  I trimmed it back to the title of each for the most part – it’s well worth the reading the entire thing…

1. Be smart about your schedule.

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2. Watch out for decision fatigue.

It turns out that making decisions fatigues your brain. “If you’ve just made a lot of decisions, it becomes harder to make decisions,” Davis explains. The problem is that we make a lot of decisions without really thinking that we are, especially when dealing with email. “Should I send this right now? Am I including the right people? Did I say it the right way?” Davis says. “A lot of people try to pack it in right before they’re going to give a presentation or try to do something creative and they’re affecting their ability to do it effectively.”

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3. Save email for your tired times.

“If I find myself really fatigued or distracted because I’m irritable about something–this is the time to catch up on email or expense reports,” Davis says. Rather than letting these unimportant tasks take up your freshest, most creative time, save them for when you know you’re not at your best mental energy, he advises.

4. Make room for your emotions.

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5. Make the most of interruptions.

Interruptions are awful and annoying, right? We’ve all read–and experienced–that it can take up to 25 minutes to recover from an interruption when we’re in the midst of a complex task. But interruptions have their good side, too, according to Davis.

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6. Reset your mood with moderate exercise.

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7. Spend some time staring out the window.

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