4 LOL’s … Job’s movie flops …

I’m not really asking this question … but more voicing my complete disbelief …

How in the world do you spend $30 million dollars on something, but not make a profit if you don’t make at least $120 million?

From Variety:


The picture cost $30 million to make and at least as much to market. That means that “Steve Jobs” needs to do at least $120 million in order to break even

I just feel that if you spend $30 million and have to make 4 times that to be profitable…you’re doing something wrong.  I have no idea personally what it is … but it just seems like horrible business practices.

All I can think is, “duh, …you made a movie about a computer guy…”, even as a geek, I still can’t see that being hugely successful when against the likes of Disney’s “Minions”.  Even the minions are all like…huh?images


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