Arduino programming reference …

Wow this looks simple … from my time in doing assembly though, I have to imagine this is pretty punishing – even though it’s pretty simple too!  That reference list makes me want to dive into programming a chip to do something with limited hardware and lots of lights!  I was chatting up some people at the maker fair this last spring let me know that the prices of the hardware has gone WAY down.  Used to be you couldn’t enter the market for less than $150 in equipment to start.  I will have to hold back my efforts for now, as I need to complete the ruby on rails project before I switch to a new language & android would probably be a better use of my time …but look at this insanely short reference list! …

Let’s back up a step, now that we’ve decided it looks simple.  Why would I program in this?  Well, for one simple components on a 3D printer would become WAY cheaper…

  • Wireless to do cloud based interaction
  • USB connection – as some companies charge $25 for this versus a parallel port
  • Camera monitoring to put up a webcam to show me remotely & allow me to terminate the project if it collapses or has a fault – saving me money in materials.
  • heatsensor to shut down project if the temperature goes too high – protecting the printer

Other things like functions of it fall under automation … smooth handling of the project over all

  • Building a timer function to shut off the device or wake it up automatically during times of day or when sleeping.
  • Causing the bed to tilt it’self and dislodge the part or Inserting a robotic arm to knock the finished project off the builder platform – freeing the machine to build another part
  • Queuing of multiple parts or projects when one finishes

There’s an intro page with better FAQ stuff on it here…


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