A little violin magic…Il Cannone

I’m not much of a strings person – but lately in my search for the gift for my dear “fish”, I have exposed myself quite accidentally to some rather good music.

First, was off of youtube when my watching the trailer “The Doctor” [who] crossed with my hits for violin repair.  Google put forth a suggestion to “This is Gallifrey”, the first hit was a young girl playing 3 parts she translated herself.  Link here.  Then that led me to the official orchestra arrangement, link here.

Later on NPR radio one morning, I stumbled a story about a legendary, “Cannon”.  A musical instrument so valuable it has it’s own escort of Italian police officers on the rare occasions it is moved from Genoa.  I had to find the article, for my own satisfaction – Link – which led me to Regina’s cd.  Incidentally, this was a re-airing of a 2003 interview.  I found this music which contains a Tango track – just as I began my own Tango lessons.

There’s a blog with a 3 person attributation:

Paganini’s Violin: Il Cannone

 Written by Andy Fein and Angie Newgren, edited by Amy Tobin
which can be found here … it talks more about the history of the violin.

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