The type of trash from supposedly smart people

It’s always the worst when the supposedly smartest people in the country try to blind and obscure the people they’re suppose to protect against the truth … emotional band-wagon’ing on zero information …

“We don’t know yet, but I think what we’re going to learn is that [the attackers] used these encrypted apps, right?,”

… why in the world would any intelligent person make a statement based on zero information?

They could be “more stupid” to quote the famous movie, but it would be harder. Then to toss insult on injury – instead of just admitting it was a dumb idea to try this tactic – they ask the Post to remove it & hide what they publicly said.  Like someone would forget!

Rightly so, the media blasts them for their poor choice in tactics!

CBS news even goes so far as to state, that no expert in cryptography or company they work for thinks throwing in a backdoor is a good idea … Link … what does the rest of the world know that the homeland doesn’t?

A lot apparently.


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