The Ten-Cubed challenge

I have been trying to simplify for some time.  For the purposes of stress.  I have always been in good shape.  Ran a few marathons in the last 10 years.  I was way healthier in high school, when I did two sports per season plus tae kwon do.  Still, I got stressed over options and obsessing over junk or losing memories associated with “stuff” and times with people.  I don’t know if every article like this is true, but it sure makes moving easier!

Thus, the quest to cut out stuff – in the past years.

I read something along the lines of this one awhile back.  I really like how it talks about the “Dress for 33 for 3 months”.   The idea of saving $1000 every few months sounds good too!

I already ditched my couches, my huge double dressers, the massive mirror years ago.  I started with taking pictures of things and throwing them away years ago. Donating things appropriately.  I hit snags in starting my leather business and costuming for the pirate thing or renaissance festival.  I made my pirate chest compromise, but people give me random stuff to decorate for the leather business and it builds up.  For example, I have 3 computers, with monitors, two speaker sets for them, 4 mice, 7 keyboards, several boxes of wires and components I haven’t used in 3 years. I have 5 pairs of faux or real leather boots for women, probably don’t need – might make good gifts or sell if I did add spikes, straps and redid their zippers.  Then there’s oddities or baubles … oh a pretty thing right?!  Two boxes of those, only one for the leather business.  So on and so forth the list could go on for many more pages.

Thus I come to the latest thing, minus my leather business – I want to fit my life into a 10′ cubed room.  That’s right 10′ x 10′ x 10′ room.  For sanity, I’m excluding my winter wear, bathroom and some dishes.  I also figure that 2 x 10 area would be a closet since not many people have 10′ ceilings.

The challenge of course is how to keep a queen bed in those conditions.  Like one of these would be amazing – Link.  The idea of the hanging rope bed seems fabulous!  Maybe hinge the wall edge so it slides down and can permanently leave things under it.  Or the trap door bed!  Wow, that’s cool … a false floor of space to store things.  Sales reasonably drop the cost of a full lofted down to $250.  I’m thinking of taking my super stuffed chair and pulling the cushions, then converting the frame of the chair into a folding frame – so I can fold it under bed when not in use.



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