What kind of cult would cause you to sacrifice your son?

The list of facts that raise doubts as to the circumstances of Kyle Brennan’s death is long.

Firstly, Kyle’s body was found on the floor of his father’s bedroom, not his. In Kyle’s bedroom, the bedding was stripped from the bed.

For an unexplained reason, his bags were packed even though, according to his father, he was due to be staying at the apartment for a number of weeks.

Tom Brennan’s .357 Magnum was found near Kyle’s body, however Forensic Specialist Jennifer McCabe did not find the bullet that killed Kyle.

Kyle’s fingerprints were nowhere to be found on over 14 separate pieces of evidence at the scene including the weapon and 10 rounds of ammunition.

Initially, Kyle’s laptop could not be located because it had been removed from the apartment before the police arrived.

Weeks later Tom Brennan returned Kyle’s laptop to the family. All the document data had been deleted. The family state that Kyle was a prolific writer and a conscientious student. He normally saved everything he wrote.

Finally, none of the prescribed drugs that Kyle used to control the symptoms of his depression were found at the apartment. (The deceased’s family later allege that Gentile and her husband had persuaded Kyle Brennan’s father to take away his Lexapro.)

There is also the conflicting statements that Tom Brennan gave the police and later anecdotally. He has amended his time line of events on a number of occasions.

On the day his son died, Brennan was working selling Scientology literature at the Florida State Fair in Tampa. He later told police that he arrived home, found Kyle dead, and called Denise Miscavige Gentile to ask her what to do.

The call to 911 went out a full 45 minutes after Brennan said he arrived home.

He first told Kyle’s family in Charlottesville that he got home at 10:30 after having dinner with some friends.

This version of events meant that Brennan was in his apartment at the time of his son’s death. He later changed his time of arrival to 11:20.

There is also the conflicting evidence of a statement given by Denise’s husband Jerry Gentile. In a report to the international headquarters in Los Angeles of Scientology’s intelligence agency, the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) (given by Jerry Gentile just one day after Kyle Brennan’s death) he states that he and Denise both went to Tom’s apartment.



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