Holes in the old coat

Got myself 3 coats awhile back.

My trench coat is getting worn down, but besides the pockets are so torn they are not repairable it’s a working and warm coat.

My pea coat arm separated off the coat the other day and isn’t usable now.  The sleeves at the bottom are so ruined anyways, not worth resewing even if I do it myself.  So, while I have my spring coat – I need a coat that isn’t a trench coat.  I’ll probably end up hitting a thrift store for something from a bygone era with unique style & superior quality to what you can get online.

In the mean while here’s stuff from a … cheap coat store online:



For laughs:

  • Batman tight suit: http://www.rosewholesale.com/cheapest/close-fitting-stand-collar-batman-824983.html
  • Supposedly an outdoor coat:  http://www.rosewholesale.com/cheapest/slimming-stand-collar-elegant-patch-671104.html

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