Programming – beyond the theory of working

I’ve been thinking about how will I use my skills should I choose to do this programming thing on the internet?  I know that project treehouse has a thing where once you complete it they put you in touch with charity groups in need of help.  I also realize somehow you need to drive traffic to your information in order to get business.  Beyond that is a mystery.

So far my plan looks like this …

  1. Keep day job.
  2. Learn to use github, because git is great…and your resume these days.
  3. Learn to program in ruby on rails.
  4. Learn to program in symfony2.
  5. Keep adding different java flavors
  6. Maybe get into objective-c for apple applications or learn one of the translator languages which will public my app to all mobile devices for me.
  7. Something.
  8. Instant fame and riches.
  9. Maybe do something like this over weekends … SoFetch
  10. Quit day job.
  11. Work from home, the coffee shop or anywhere in the world I end up.
  12. Only work when I want, like a slow weekend or 3 AM, after lunch, not at all for a week.

I have a feeling that I’m missing something in between “learn to” & “instant fame”…which by the way, I’d prefer not to be famous – but it seems like a good end game.

So I’m still exploring what people are talking about…

  • 6 ways to make money – Link
  • Types of programming
    • Full stack developers on the web … salary
    • Front end developers on the web … salary
    • Back end developers on the web … salary
    • Graphical artists on the web … salary
    • UX/UI Designer on the web … salary
    • Phone App[lication] developers … salary
    • Software Engineers … salary
    • Software developer … salary
    • Desktop Application Developers … salary
  • Types of places I’d want to work
    • Where I’m the only tech person
    • Where I’m not the only tech person, but the only web guy
    • Where I work from home or where ever I choose most of the time
    • Shops that use virtual hosting off other larger companies or just run the servers themselves
  • Where should I work?
  • How to get job
    • Kayge’s resume advice – Link

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