One neurologists opinion …

I try to avoid things like this – but there was an interesting gem of knowledge in how babies learn faces and how it affects trust.

From the analysis of Ted Cruz’s face …

Our stone–age ancestors learned to read faces and rapidly tell friend from foe. While we live in a far different environment, we still possess the same stone–age brain as our distant relatives. Like them, we judge instantly. Automatically and more quickly than conscious reflection could manage, we weigh whether we like a new face or dislike the person behind it. Our social circuits, which are largely emotional, tell us whether to trust a person or not. Given a million years of practice, our brains are good at this.

I wonder if this sort of thing … “is (s)he like me?”, “are they like us?” one of the things that we are working against, when combating inherit/latent racism …

Perhaps just an underlaying frame work which people use to under stand the world – not an excuse – rather an observation & my brain trying to connect the dots.


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