Bernie down 340 votes for delegates

Note:  We don't do supers etc ... it's undemocratic & unamerican

Update 4/26/16 – Sanders down 340 – Various suspected sabotage preventing only precincts which poll strongly for sanders from voting in 5 states…including internet database hacks of the DFL, blackouts from the call lists a day or two before, facebook groups for campaigning for sanders being socially sabotaged.

Delegates Won 4051 1622 1282

Update:  3/28/16 – Sanders down 268 delegates

Delegates Won 4051 1243 975

Minus super’s of course, as they are pledged & we live in a land of broken promises…


3/14 – Hillary to Bernie – 206 down

748 542

Delegates Won 4051 1119 813



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