For beginners by beginners…

Working mainly from github last two years … but not really using it beyond the beginner level.

There’s this weird stage between beginning to learn to code & being an intermediate programmer.  For me it’s lots of things combined like lacking skills …

  • Syntax
    • either you know it will work or you don’t – in the beginning you doubt everything
    • there’s also the behind the scenes stuff – you could have pulled an impartial explanation from that leaves you worse off
  • Conventions
    • No firm experience with the conventions
    • Varied conflicting explanations of conventions
  • Not knowing which tools …
    • are best
    • how to set them up
    • judge when it’s doing its job
  • Not knowing which resources for which types of problem
    • Stackoverflow is either Satan or God – I’ve begun excluding stackOverFlow when looking for help until I’m desperate.  Starting out there, you get a lot of issues with “wrong type of question” when asking scoping or workflow questions.  Then there is, “answered before”, when in essence it has been answered – but not in a way you’re able to connect back to your own situations.
    • IRC being empty or idle at points
    • dead subreddits
    • pay walls going up on teaching resources

For today … I’m too scattered and unorganized to use git fully it seems.  I lack some basic comprehension of git practices.  Unfortunately, I’m somewhere beyond the help that the beginner tutorials can provide.  Basic stuff like, when I detach or checkout a rollback – what happens to the files that didn’t get affected in that commit?

Apparently with a ‘git checkout <insert code>’ all the other files stay the same instead of rewinding the entire repository to it’s state when the commit was made.  Which is useful for trouble shooting a single commit, but not what I needed & it cost me time to realize what was happening.

I’ve read probably 20ish guides, only to find a majority of them are for beginners, by beginners (I love beginners, but my googlefu isn’t really cutting through their posts to find better explanations).  FBBB or F3B or F^B?  It’s wonderful to have them when starting and frustrating to pour over them later.

  • Githubs easy guide – Link
  • Awesome explanations for people just beyond beginner stage – Link

All in all, I’ve realized it’s easier to use cloud9’s clone feature to branch and just keep one copy of the cloud9 project as backup than it is to muck about with github’s revert/rebase etc & then fix the mess it makes of my dev env in cloud9 or on my regular server.  I’ll still use git to document and show things so I’ll have basic proficiency, but no more burning 4 hours wandering the internet without a clue where to find comprehensible documentation.

I’m still finding spots where I added everything & github isn’t keeping it all or even if it’s all there – they don’t put it back in the same spot on the directory.

I’ve recently found a great article on, describing about the same effects I’ve been seeing from Andre Scott’s perspective – Link


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