Software training people to be less racists…

I’m kind of out of the loop for weeks on end…but saw this float to the top via other news sources…


6 thoughts on “Software training people to be less racists…

      1. of course not. bacteria were around before we started breeding it industrially– just like busybodies and spies existed before we thought of recruiting mom and sis and the guy living next door.

        theres nothing normal about a culture where everyone not only knows– but documents, tags and annotates– everything about everyone else. this is as dystopian as edward scissorhands. not that its really worth my time trying to tell that to anyone who thinks facebook is “neat.”


      2. that will defeat the purpose of course– because what facebook is, is crowd-sourced mass surveillance.

        once the network itself has the literal point-of-view that every person has, it doesnt really matter that not everyone can access it. its still crowd-sourced mass surveillance, its simply no longer requires the masses to do anything after signing up.


      3. Come now…let’s not pretend that google, apple & every major credit card company aren’t also selling our details. Bigdata is real & facebook is simply the least invasive of the sites…


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