I believe in the promotion of non-adversarial and connection based exchanges.  No one has the right to decide for another person or take away from another person’s empowerment – until said person’s empowerment infringes on another human’s empowerment.

View points expressed are not done in a spirit of being hurtful.

Any insult perceived by another person probably stems from the nature of my state which impedes my ability to stay focused and my focus time often varies.  I am not blaming my A.D.H.D. or the Asperger syndrome – know as Autism Spectrum Disorder with A.D.H.D in “DSM V”.    I am instead pointing out it is a medical condition that often is mistaken as thoughtlessness or insensitivity to social norms and while after 30+ years of studying to try and over come.

On this note, please understand, any writing I have that’s longer than 5 sentences is probably a set of 200+ lines of thought distilled after their spastic being jotted down.  This leads to all sorts of interesting effects.  For example, my word count is 6,000+ words for my disclaimer right now.  Wordpress experts say I need to get under 300 words.  I have had to separate all attempts to explain DSM IV’s asperger syndrome in to a separate post.  You can not readily strip down so much information and avoid missing things.

I apologize for anyone feeling insulted or slighted because of missed context or information in my writing that I know, but simply forgot to include, my intentions are to make this world a better place, not take away from someone else’s happiness.