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Game controller issues …

Control issues persisting with 3d rudder & leap motion for fine motorskills in gaming.

Primary issue is learning the controls.

Learning controls as well as instinctive keyboard mashing with no fine controls.

Example … when playing a tense game & surprised you naturally seize up slightly as you beginning frantically tapping the required keys – that reaction will in a system like 3d rudder will just send your character/vehicle spinning in place, breaking immersion & killing any fun as you die without control of the game.

Learning seems to be impeded without (traditionally) physical feedback or resistance to allow the user to feel via the legs (3drudder) or in the hands for the leapmotion.  Both controllers are currently in the gimmick stage unless a user commits serious time to unlearning their normal keyboard controls and learning new reflexive motions.

To explain this more fully …

Several scenarios exist for movement.  Each requiring their own set of motions to satisfy the in game movement controls.

  • Micro adjustments
    • At rest doing fine controls
      • turning
      • advancing incrementally – like inching forward or back
  • Dealing with rate of change increase or decrease
    • mid range speeds if the game as them
      • toggle speed modes walk/run/scope up
      • throttle style speeds based on percent of pushing control

Solutions to the training issue?

On the physical side, we

Leap motion or other body scanning-style or non-physical controllers

  • I’ve taken to using a large hard surface mouse pad/plate to hold the leap motion controller, with taped down lines of where the sensitivity boundaries are
    • this requires a player to look down at the desk occasionally
    • the leapmotion plate be within peripheral vision with the arm be farther forward & strains nature body posture, can’t do it long without being
    • both options break game immersion experience
  • Visual
    • Overlays of the game
      • Gamewave provides out of bounds feedback in it’s app
      • perhaps copying this into an existing gaming program with an overlay
        • mumble uses overwolf, ts3
        • windows 8 & 10 have built in overlay in windowed mode for xbox – must have a UI hook I could build for
    • if not done right this could break immersion too
    • 2nd screen on computer running visual feedback
  • Vibrating haptic feed back on the hand / wrist / arm
    • any smart watch with blue tooth can sync an app
      • sense boundaries setup by devices on desk
        • nfc?
        • lower level protocol?
  • Sound feedback
    • low grade tones
    • voice assistant
      • Halo type voice
      • i18n implementation to setup voice mapping
      • voiceattack style bindings
    • Directly interferes with game sound, hard break in immersion

3D Rudder

  • Physical feedback
    • A foam pad to add resistance?
      • Maybe two levels of resistance
  • gyros already exist
    • figure out an overlay option like in the visual section of the Leap Motion

The kitty keepers & the legend of the Cat Custodian

Long ago in a far away place…

Outside the reach of modern man…

Away from the lands of cities & cellphones…

Lays a climate quite different from the city…

Where the culture of the cat is king!

It is here where we find the legend of which kitty keepers everywhere speak …

The legend of the Cat Custodian!

The Cat Custodian is an ancient title passed on from kitty keeper to kitty keeper. There is but one rule for the Cat Custodians. There is only one rule, because in order for a kitty keeper to become the Cat Custodian like my friend – one must already have a heart full of love for kitty goodness and their accompanying tails. This love of kitties means that a kitty keeper already does all of the things which are best for kitties. Leaving only rule as necessary.

A note about my friend, when I first sought out & befriended the Cat Custodian, looking for the secret to happiness and taming of the furry friends. She was very easy to talk too. She asked good questions & cared greatly for people, as well as cats.

My friend with all of the love in her heart of kitties great & kind, along with their accompanying and equally fluffy tails has a particular rule. A rule that does not quite line up with that of a good kitty loving human until you understand what a momentous tasks the Cat Custodian has …

The Cat Custodian must never name their kitties. Not never ever, for that’s a long time. Trust me. I counted to never ever & it is a very long time to not name your kitty.

Why? Why can’t everyone have all the love they want? Well, I will tell you why the Cat Custodian must wait to name the kitty. The kitty has not adopted the Cat Custodian! The Cat Custodian can not name or claim a kitty as part of their pack until they have been adopted by the kitty. Why would a kitty ever no want the Cat Custodian with all of they bear for all of the kitties of the world you ask?

Well, the kitty might have special purpose. More special than just being furry with cute twitchy ears and having a lovely long furry tail. With that in mind, the Cat Custodian must wait to name the kitty until they know for sure all of the kitty’s love and long fluffy tail is staying with the Cat Custodian. Some kitties with all of their love were meant for other homes, to bring the joy of twitchy ears & long furry tails!

Thus is the burden of the Cat Custodian.

Thus is their suffering. To have all of love of kitties, but to know they might not have all of the lovely kitties forever ever.

… and that is why Cat Custodians do not name their kitty cat kittens right away!

Instead kitty cat kittens are known by their exuberant personalities, their unique stylings and their lovely little stubby tails.  Meaning that each kitty must not be judged but rather observed and enjoyed for their lovely kitty cat ways!!

Have good & many pettings huuumans!


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Testing ideas

Doing more Ruby on Rails today.

For ensuring data is good …

Anyone ever try using a scope to drop bad results and streamline view presentation?

Then just show the malformed entries on a different view where it doesn’t bork everything up?

Example I hit …

- if pet.user_detail 
- else 
  %td= "Crap"

Revealed I had a single bad piece of data in my test results.

I’ve been playing around with rescue strategies etc for a year when something is missing.

Something like this guy does, though I used another’s idea last year … Link

Having struggled with this several times, I am considering the viability of a scope or series of them that presents only data that is valid & present.  Something tells me there is probably a better way in code to do this, but the “If you absolutely & completely must be sure nothing should get to the view unless the record is good…” part of me is going “HRRRRMM”.

From time as a database admin, I would solve this issue in the DB, as a well formed one would have checks against bad data, but from a coders perspective there are more tools available and the database won’t always know what constitutes good data.

The butterfly

Hugely popular piece of playful music … going to take an attempt to force myself to get a bit beyond playing show tunes…

  • Day 3 ~ an hour into practicing – I can kind of hear the song in the slow play
    • Progress video – Link


Sheet music

 Link from Irish folk Songs



Break downs for practice

  •  Starting
    • 1:20 the basic tune at mild speed
  • Line 1
    • 2:48 – slow break down
      • 1st & 2nd measure – 2:40
        • B E G E F, B E G E FBD
      • 3rd & 4th measure – 3:25
        • B E G E F , B D D B AFD
  • Line 2
    • 5:40 last half – mid speed
      • 1st & 2nd measure
        • B D E F G,  B D G F DBA
      • 3rd & 4th measure
        • B D E F G A, B A G EBA
    • 5:50 whole part two – mid speed
  • Line 3
    • 1st half – slow 6:50
    • 2nd half – slow 7:35
    • whole – slow 8:10
  • Whole song,
    • no ornaments 8:50

Further study – I need the note names … B E G E F, second measure B D D B A F D