IT jobs

If you’re starting out a certificate for Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) for just about anything OS related + 1 or 2 years of experience answering phones will get you in the door for basic helpdesk support at one of the small or midsized companies, no college required…

  • Atomic $14-16 – Link
  • Erickson $14-16 – Link
  • Driving version of helpdesk – $19-22 – Link
  • IT Retraining program for minneapolis – Link

Stretching it a bit is the big companies, they will want a year experience in something or equivalent college.

  • Honeywell – IT Support Tech support liaison – Link

A day in the life of an average American

Not mine, but fascinating … have left it running on 2nd screen for awhile now, it’s fun to tweak the speed …

Graphical representation of how life is spent … Link … the author has two articles leading up to it – which are interesting too …

  • Part 1 – Link
  • Part 2 – Link
  • Part 3 – Link – already linked above.