Vote for the next note of a song

Crowd sourcing your musical composition…

It’s already under way & your vote will influence how it turns out … not sure if this will be great or not – but it’s the opposite of computer generated poetry (curious about that – Link) … similar crowd sourced voting has been done with pokemon video games on



Tango moves

Dance moves I need to look up:

  • Barrida – foot sweep by the leader
  • volcada – leader causes the partner to drop by leaning back & lowering followers axis of balance until the follower balances solely against them, often sweeps with leg too
  • parada
  • ochos
  • Traspié  – a sort of fake step, immediately when stepping you return your weight and position back to where you were before
  • Colgada   – neuvo tango style move, from what I learned ~180 turn with leader pushing forward to exit pattern (this is a flawed description, watch a video)
  • corrida – fast steps, related to caminata?
  • caminata – switching sides while walking
  • Enrosque – movement of the feet wrapping around each other – related or part of giro/circular grapevine
  • gancho – hook of the foot between the partners legs
  • Planeo   – dragging your free foot in a wide circle when being lead (versus just a decorative move not lead)
  • Sacada – one partner steps into the other’s space, causing the other partner to step over move leg around (often while the two people’s legs touch to flirt)
  • Salida  – open step and several others ending with a cross step, signalling a new song


  • boleo – whip motion of a follower turn being enhanced
  • rulo – circle or lapiz
  • Caricia – follower foot over back of leader – part of parada often

Mumford & Sons … disturbing my times!

Such a great start to the morning…made it out of bed and into car.  w00t!

Even discovered an awesome new song … by Gallagher … [Link], called “Heat of the moment”.  Yes, there are others with that name and I might or might not claim to love them.  No comment.

Then, I discover what the rest of the world knows or has known for awhile … Mumford and sons has changed … [Link].  The new Mumford & Sons cd has no banjo … [Link] … worse, they have crummy low grade rip off electric guitar that might have been inspired by the “Excellent Adventures of Bill and Ted” … [Link] … while Bill and Ted music is kind of goofy & cool to an 11 year old.  The “Believe” song is definitely not cool … [Link]. My brain keeps inserting banjo music in to it the second time I listened.  They are fourth on some chart though … I do not want anyone to feel held back, but I would like to suggest if they want to move in to the Rock genre, just plug the banjo in and go electric banjo!  I know they have had 19 members … [Link], as when they write, it is generally 4 main people.  Then they record with some and when doing live, hire others.

Its just the banjo, you know folks, love the the banjo!

Maybe, there’s a web application or mobile application that will insert banjo music for me?

Hell, maybe what this world needs is a “Banjo-fy Me” website! It would work something like these … [Link].