[Online] Dating Safety

This is written to help generate ideas for people dating to avoid being put in compromising situations socially and hopefully gives enough ideas that people can form their own opinion on how to go about being safe.

Lets talk about dating

So people date differently & you need to find a style that works for you.

Besides how you will date, have you considered safety elements for dating?

What I write here is risk minimization and that is all – there are no guarantee’s in the world for anything.

Get your strategy setup

Plans and strategies for how to pick a date can be very simple.  They should be a supplement to your natural instincts.  Not a replacement for common sense!

Finding someone

You can google the latest suggestions, but they tend to repeat after the first few lists.  I will drop a quick over view of what people might have done before the internet.  Just so the young people know there was dating before the internet.


Really, this is a fantastic way to find people who are genuine.  Pick a cause, habitat for humanity, tutoring for low income families, judge science projects, big brother, soup kitchens, etc.

“Activity Groups”

Groups that go on activities are great!  They allow an easy way to disengage a particular person by just talking to a host in general or specifically about a particular pushy person.

Non-dating groups

On the same vein, but not for just for dating there are many “meetups” of varying interests like disk golf, hiking, rock climbin, drumming, dancing, billard halls, model / figurine painting that often have singles / couples night.

Miscellaneous Private Community

Weddings and religious (church/mosque/temple) events come with the qualifier that this person is real and someone knows them, at least slightly.  I am not talking about the beer festival or that rock concert, though there is nothing wrong – just more unknown factors for those to keep in mind!

Still, some thoughts here for people:

Tools the internet gives us


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