Interview Questions

What is the process?

Fill in any gaps in this with …

  • How many applications received versus selected?
  • How many people will get interviews?
  • What’s entailed in hiring process?
  • Length of hiring window?
  • 2 week notice allowed?
  • Follow up email of denial?
  • What was the past year of hiring like?
  • What team would I be on?
    • Size?
    • How many in Management / Leads / Senior positions?
    • Who is direct boss & their boss?
  • Hours / Remote – Work from home?
  • What sort of training / pairing exploration of company best practices or resources on accepted ‘house rules’ is available?
  • What created the opening?  New position or vacancy or promotion?
  • Before I take any tests – what’s the pay range?  Not what are you paying me, but what range do you have a budget for?  This becomes important as some companies are asking for week long applications to be built as part of their interview process.
  • May I contact you?

Quick Pho soup

Went ahead and drew up an online order for pho soup according to this recipe.

This makes some buying choice …

  • you have zero ingredients – there’s tons of stuff you can re-use, especially spice wise.
  • you don’t use the spendiest things on the list
  • you still use garlic/onion/lime/ginger/green onion
  • Fresh basil/mint/cilantro – stronger taste, but more $ over time
  • bags over jars of spices – no need to pay for jars when I have better & tighter seals at home on my stuff

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NFC collector page

The near field communication (NFC) was hitting back in 2012.

I lost the last of my chips during my move, after donating two or three to the household I left.  We left them at the door to toggle at home mode (power settings off, WIFI on + password, toggle off cell data, notification volumes & settings, screen brightness, pair to wireless home speakers).

Some setup stuff as I get ready to order new ones.

  • Using trigger to toggle stuff – Link – perhaps the easiest way
  • Basic how to do NFC tags – Link
  • Android programming phone to toggle your wireless (you can set it to change multiple things at once with a single scan too) – Link
  • Android Apps for programming NFC chips – Link
There are pre-formatted & not formatted types of tags - so read before you buy to same some hassle!
Also, these cards do have 10,000 write limits generally - which you should never hit, but can be circumvented by assigning unique id

So I’m in the process of looking to order new ones.  My considerations …

  • I prefer already formatted NFC cards, as less steps to get setup
  • I like the stickers on the back, though I have some 3M double tape
  • Last time I used uses harder plastic ones with sticky backs – Link
    • Was very happy with them
      • PVC harder to wear out
      • Sticky back side
      • Con,  30% more, which is a big for my project when I might be ordering 10 cards per kid & some spares for ~100 cards
  • App Inventor NFC reader by MIT – Link
  • Trading card game simulation
    • There are some that are size of trading cards with blank surfaces – Link
      • The cards are either 7×5″ or 3×2″
      • 67 cents / card or 62 cents for smaller circles
    • I could shove in sleeves with little pre-printed designs or just use a bubblejet on clear trading card sleeves.
    • Might be safer legally to have the kids just print their own designs on paper, cut them out & then fold them to make the sleeves
  • Adventure game
    • Each card is an action or each card is a direction?

Wearable’s with haptics

Some examples of people doing stuff

  • bass wrist band – Link
  • gloves that act as sonar for blind – Link
  • wrist band to hug via cell phone – Link
  • rassbery pi’s (older) – Link
  • triple haptic in wrist watch shape from a college project – Link
  • Bass backpack (sub pac m2) – Link

Some research

Haptic motors etc

  • text instruments has some chips with bluetooth built in – Link

Power issues


  • Rassbery PI w – bluetooth/wifi built in at $10 – Link
  • Flora is a sewable? – $17 –  Link

SSH to your PI – Link