Interview Questions

What is the process?

Fill in any gaps in this with …

  • How many applications received versus selected?
  • How many people will get interviews?
  • What’s entailed in hiring process?
  • Length of hiring window?
  • 2 week notice allowed?
  • Follow up email of denial?
  • What was the past year of hiring like?
  • What team would I be on?
    • Size?
    • How many in Management / Leads / Senior positions?
    • Who is direct boss & their boss?
  • Hours / Remote – Work from home?
  • What sort of training / pairing exploration of company best practices or resources on accepted ‘house rules’ is available?
  • What created the opening?  New position or vacancy or promotion?
  • Before I take any tests – what’s the pay range?  Not what are you paying me, but what range do you have a budget for?  This becomes important as some companies are asking for week long applications to be built as part of their interview process.
  • May I contact you?

Jobs in MN in November 2017

My state, on indeed (to keep it simple) – java (excluding javascript) has ~950 full time positions, where as c++ has ~200, c# has ~430, ruby ~200, ruby on rails ~40, javascript has 34,000 positions (keep in mine there’s thousands of frameworks for it).

The difference between a Jr & Senior programmer at Gitlabs


Junior Build Engineer

Junior Build Engineers are developers who meet the following criteria:

  1. Technical skills
    • Is able to write code in required languages but needs guidance in writing modular and maintainable code
    • Has less experience to no experience with containers
    • Proposes default configuration to reduce the need for configuration by customers
  2. Code quality
    • Leaves code in substantially better shape than before
    • Is able to write clear documentation
  3. Communication
    • Needs help with time management
    • Is able to follow technical conversations within the team
  4. Performance & Scalability
    • Needs help writing production-ready code
    • Has little to no experience writing large scale apps

Senior Build Engineer

Senior Build Engineers are experienced developers who meet the following criteria:

  1. Technical Skills
    • Are able to write modular, well-tested, and maintainable code
    • Know the domain really well and radiate that knowledge
    • Contribute to one or more complementary projects
  2. Leadership
    • Begins to show architectural perspective
    • Proposing new ideas, performing feasibility analyses and scoping the work
  3. Code quality
    • Leaves code in substantially better shape than before
    • Fixes bugs/regressions quickly
    • Monitors overall code quality
    • Reacts efficiently to build failures
    • Creates test plans
  4. Communication
    • Provides thorough and timely code feedback for peers
    • Able to communicate clearly on technical topics
    • Keeps issues up-to-date with progress
    • Helps guide other merge requests to completion
    • Is able to help with recruiting
  5. Performance & Scalability
    • Excellent at understanding the cost of a change
    • Excellent at writing production-ready code with little assistance
    • Able to write complex code that can scale with a significant number of users

A diary of regret – Leonardo da Vinci

From Time Magazine …


As the ultimate Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci meticulously recorded his thoughts, musings and sketches in journals throughout his life. Of the 30 that remain, his most famous is the Codex Hammer, named for the British nobleman who acquired the 72-page journal in 1717. Three years after Bill Gates bought the historic diary, he released a digitally scanned version for all the world to enjoy.

One of the most recognized names in western literature.

This is a man who, post humorously would be seen as unassailable in his brilliance.  He was no pauper as he was recognized for being great before death.

It’s insightful to hear that even he was plagued by that ever so human element of doubtfulness.

Throughout his life Leonardo da Vinci was plagued by a sense of failure, incompletion and time wasted. His favorite phrase, unconsciously repeated in whole or in part whenever he scribbled something to see if a newly cut pen was working, was “Tell me, tell me if anything got finished.” – Link

This speaks to me ever so much … not that I think I’m brilliant, but that I can recognize a pattern of desire in every living person, even the greatest ones.

Free lance & job hunting

My collection of readings recently from around the web...

What is your time worth?

  • What you charge depends largely on what your time is worth. As a full time software engineer, I value my spare time at roughly 200% of what my yearly salary converted to an hourly rate is. Then I quote them 50% higher than that, and usually come down a bit if they’re off put by it.


  • I manage a series of AWS instances, with some basic monitoring built in. It’s easily the cheapest way to do things, with minimal effort. Using webhosts like bluehost or namecheap are expensive, overpriced, and not nearly as easy to manage.